Best Practices For Creating Your

Amputee Life® Story Video!

 1. Rock Your AMPLIFE!

We love to see you in your Amputee Life® Clothing! Whether you share photos of you rockin' it or are wearing it in your videos, show the world how YOU rock your AMPLIFE!

2. Write Out Your Story!

Writing out your story will allow you to cover every aspect of it and allow us to share the written version along side the video! Things we would love for you to include are:

  • Where your journey started!
  •  A bit about yourself!
  • Obstacles you've overcome!
  • AMPbitions for the future!
  • How you feel rockin' your Amputee Life® Clothing!

3. Gather All Videos & Images For Your Story!

We can put the video together if video editing is not your expertise! If you enjoy video editing, feel free to put the video together! To avoid using copy written music, we will select the music; however, please send a few songs for our reference!

4. It Does Not Need To Be Fancy!

Don't feel discouraged if your photos & videos aren't the best! Please send all photos & videos as long as they are:

  • Generally in focus - We want to see your beautiful face!
  • Audio is generally clear - It's tough to fix bad audio so if you're recording yourself, try to be in a quiet environment with the microphone a foot away from your mouth. We want to hear your story clearly!

5. If you're sending a lot, send multiple emails!

To avoid paying to send your files, send all images, videos, and any other materials to your story in multiple emails! Just make sure to explain what's in the email!

Ready To Share Your

Amputee Life® Story?

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